The Truth in Our Bodies

by Earth Moves

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released November 4, 2016

All tracks written by Earth Moves
Guest vocals on 'Iridescent' by Sean Mahon

Produced and Mixed by Joe Clayton at Nø Studio
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege

Artwork by Rodrigo Almanegra
Layout by Rodrigo Almanegra & Alex Leat


all rights reserved



Earth Moves UK

Truthseeker Music / Through Love Records.

Brighton based four-piece.

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Track Name: Omen
failing was easy
praying for guidance that was the hardest
when you've no belief in anything
Track Name: House of Flowers
she said "goodbye"
to the hold the mountains had
destined for something more
i'm glad to see it favour me
how does it feel if you're in love?

this is my word, my desire
my unclean indignation
i can't seem to shake the strife
you won't seem to wake tonight
and we were the only ones

that climbed that tree
that emptied our souls
across that sea
we were the only ones

and something within me says
"this is not you,
this is not what you're meant to be"
remember that house, remember that smile
faded away, remember your vow
you are not a man, remember now?

and something says "this is not you"
and it's right
Track Name: Iridescent
i watched it rotating thousands of times
but you wore it so effortlessly
casting shadows while hoping that I shifted pins in your breaking skin
you held the words on the tip of your tongue
a constant with change, a mind rearranged
'if that's what it takes'.
promises are worthless if they're kept in a glass cage

i remember when we first locked eyes
it was dark inside me but you turned on a light
i remember how my focus changed
you seemed clear in a familiar haze
you were a friend from the very first word
i felt adrift now that seems absurd
i could hold you in a trance these days
i took the time to learn you from the look on your face

to the way we embrace, i've a know of your touch
i know what you need when you're emotionally stuck
i know you better than i know myself
its tiring relying on a ghost for help
as we get older does our history change?
who scores the failure? who takes the blame?
do secrets stay whispers forever?
i try to speak with a mouth of leather

(you held the question, luminescent and still
parallels creeping under the cracks in my skin)

i try to speak with a voice unheard
i feel alone in a room full of people
can't forget it with a body of burns
try swimming in a soul so evil
trying laying in a hate filled grave
try scratching at skin deep scars
try sleeping in the bed you made
is honesty an untold art?

i've known since the instant you told me
(if that's what it takes)
that i would let go
Track Name: There Was An Apple Orchard Here
how could i stay away?
you knew that i could never go
i locked the door behind me
it feels so long ago
a broken thought in spite of this
you need a saviour, i'm a million miles away
so put your courage to the test
save your sorrow for second best
i am not the only one in this
Track Name: Pia Mater
save our souls

disconnect my broken neck
in retrospect we have

it hurts just to be here, my mind and the room
the intricate working, a body of two
my work isn't over, i'm yet to consume
i breathe in the power, exhale the doom


did you see the bending?
the eyes rolled white, the arms contoured

abhor me forever, a heart set to murder
i boldly envision the ending

it shouldn't have happened
i shouldn't be here
Track Name: Breathing Solemnity In The Deep Night
if anyone knows the reeling
if anyone its me
the echoes i keep them
assurance i'm clean
it's good to feel again

it will never leave
i will never live

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